” Predict the situation which is unpredictable “

Praney Saini

About me

My name is Praney and I’m a 26 year old living in New Delhi, India. Six years ago, I was given 3 job interviews, these could be considered as “dream” opportunity but somehow found myself depressed and drained. In that difficult time, I learned the most important lesson of my life.

I discovered that in a fix amount of money or success would not make me happy if I wasn’t doing what I loved. So, I decide myself. I start-up my own and taken a rented office where i had started so many services and planned my life for event industry with No money backup. Always I finalized my life in one way plan …and NO idea what I was doing. That was the time when I chased myself to being an event organizer. .before that i was study in 2 institute of event management and had taken extra skills from few instructors but in a real life event management is totally differs as per books/institutions.

I spent the next 4 years making a ton of mistakes and a few great decisions. Through this trial and error of my-life, I have been able to build a business by age of 25, spent time with my loved ones, work with some of my most prestigious client and many others. But most of them are close to my heart, some of time i have to work free for some of my academic clients. 

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